quarta-feira, 22 de julho de 2009

Wining up

To all my friends that are unconditional Douro valley lovers with whom I've shared great moments of embellished shy sunsets on the river......I have to admit that wine, originally introduced by the Romans here ,
has still its apogee in the eternal time to come so that one can witness its velvety touch and fruity aroma like any one's fancies.
Even if you have planned abstention for once, it won't last that long for emerging wineries grow as mushrooms and exquisite retreat hotels invite you to go back to a romantic treat even if you are your own company.
There's no greater love here than the untouchable power that nature applies over an emotional state of mind eager to inhale beauty and to mature sensuality.
All your senses are wide open to absorb this immaculate scenery even if somehow enhanced by the human wish for magnifying it with the black greenish basalt stone.
Ambition is a mere illusion of human desire for monopoly.
The Douro has played the game and won it so far.
Celts, Romans, Cistertians and travelers by definition have legate the word about it, through time, with the aim of never put to oblivion what nature has gifted us all .....the bliss of just ephemerally being part of it.
There aren't enough colours or light to picture it better than what it is.
Isn't this love ?
Cheers to you!

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