quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009

The duck's season !

The "land of the opportunities"
1st day - The duck's season:

Taking the cab from JFK is a bet or rather a bate leading into a debate...........
Winning the 4Th prize in the lottery can be a daily fact for cab drivers in N.Y. They just have to look proper and smile at the aliens while you'll be looking for recognisable signs of cosy decency.
And you always find one! This hint was strictly connected to the last Oscar's winner awards :" This is no land for old men".
The driver was about 68 year's old and that was my hint for a decent commitment between foreigner country and the art of welcoming "Fahrenheits".
The driving was outstanding: lounge music,comfortable car and responsible wheel.
Scenery was about the same as Miramax label when we get to cross the East river bridge and that's when you realise there won't be anything else that will stand up within the same level of impact regarding one's emotional attachment to the "7Th art"capacity of making a completely ordinary day light town....to look like a 21st century X-mas crib.
There are no holy hills nor woods, but lots of prophets, though.
One of them is Patrick , evening manager of the design hotel "Stay" indeed a must! Though I didn't stay.
Lack of clear argumentation to excuse the price mistake invoiced by Booking.com.
No body's fault and the costumer as to pay for it ....or the final option will be : getting the complaints book that doesn't exist.
In the land of the opportunities, law is invisible for the guests, but flawless for the busyness.
Buying and printing services from the Internet can be as virtual as dating through it.
Never trust the image you get....you might have a sight / site problem the next day :-)

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