quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009

From Portugal with....music .

As if destiny/ Fatum has dyed the Portuguese hair and soul in black for centuries, the actual musical scene proves that the country is open as it was before to a new ocean of colors and rhythms.
From contemporary to Punk, Rock and Dance music,all the credits are shared by names that have merged from the 80’s as a consequence of a natural absorption of the world various styles in such a noble art of providing organized sounds.

Pop Dell’ Arte, with its intellectual references to world wise poetry and its vocals experimental games and irreverence;

Adolfo Luxuria Canibal’s cries eager for rebellion; and its cutting sounds of guitars heading one’s inadaptation into a nonsense society.

David Fonseca’s melo voice, unexpectedly, transporting us to a romantic hermetic world of man’s emotions.

Teresa Salgueiro, enchanting us with her crystal voice as a Turner painting turned into a woman’s sorrowed sea.

Jacinta , twirling one’s head with her jazzy, flexible voice sweating her sensuality out.

Maria João & Mário Laginha an eternal compromise between the piano and the warmest sounds of ethnic experiences showing us how the world can be a courtyard.
If one was only thinking about the sadness burden of these people committed to sing their lost empire through the Fado song, or to enhance a new state dictating everyone’s life……well, you haven’t been updated.
All these artists not only prove that music has no country, but also that no country has borders regarding music.

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