quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009

Frank Gehry's illusion

"300 of million years before man was fish.....if you gotta go back,and you're insecure about going forward...go back 300 million years ago.
Why are you stopping on the Greeks? "
Frank Gehry (Canadian - U.S.architect)

Frank Gehry is stated to use fish forms as his inspiration in architecture. The dynamics in the form are indeed wavy and one could say some of the buildings are dressed in scales.
Loved to see his work in loco. Specially in Bilbao. It is breath taking !
The only chance to be near to God is to create such a building that can out stand nature and nevertheless accomplish the ideal of being perfectly wrong in outstanding itself in it.

The Hotel Marques de Riscal is another symbiosis between nature and the amount of Titanium gathered within a few m2 in colours matching the grapes and its final liquid form.

Out of Rioja region if there's something else of value than the grapes it's definitely this great Gehry’s fruit spotted from miles by its studied natural light irradiation.
An ideal of apparition in a land of believers.

Almablue69, 17Th May 2009

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