sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2011

What a race !!!

Just finished my last work before X-mas, exchanging experiences with an absolutely marvelous family that has enriched my personal and emotional evolution.
This was the second time I've read a text that I wrote long time ago for another group, but for different reasons.
Finally, this time I read it for the positive reasons : they've understood that race and identity have to be respected even if different and difficult to understand...they make part of all of us, for one never knows who has been making history in one's background.

Translated from French, the original text written for a group of "illuminated journalists " :

My Celtic ancestors taught me that nature is both the supreme art and religion on earth, therefore, my belief is Celtic.

My Roman ancestors taught me that one can get material prosperity by absorbing the experience and knowledge from further developed people, therefore, my curiosity is Roman.

My Arab ancestors taught me that ahead of math and education - passion - will always be the engine of a life in all its paths; therefore, my heart is Arab.

My Ottoman ancestors taught me that perseverance along with the ability of negotiating could drive one into free ports; therefore, my willing is Ottoman.

My African ancestors taught me that when one is abused by others that believe in their superiority, there will always be music and the cry of saudade to warm up one's soul ; therefore my soul is African.

My Persian ancestors taught me that when one usually travels through one's life , free from any weight, there will always be a garden underneath one's feet where paradise is ; then , I bought a Persian rug :-)

My Brazilian ancestors taught me that poorness can have kindness within it as true starvation can have a smile within it ; therefore my contentment is Brazilian.

My Indian ancestors taught me that every living being is worth respect and whatever goes around....comes around
  ; therefore i wish I could have a Buddhist karma.

My Chinese ancestors taught me that patience its one of the most important virtues to reach fulfillment; therefore, my smile is Chinese.

My Japanese ancestors taught me that cordiality it's a code to open all doors ; therefore, I bow.

My Portuguese ancestors taught me that without the others....we are nobody ; therefore, I'm humbly Portuguese.

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