terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Sandy soil

Natural disasters always lift up mind quakes.
 It has been so, since the passage of the first millennium to the big earthquake in Lisbon during the iluminism currant and thinkers have to re think life...
for nature is the only thing man cannot dominate: its power, its transformation and its capacities for the unexpected.
Man went through a world trip during the romantic period , eager to be acquainted to the various flora and fauna species and was overwhelmed by them , but then, nature was quiet in its path and ready to be contemplated...
If there will be another climate change...nobody knows and even scientists can't know that.

The only thing one can do its to keep respecting and contemplating what nature has to offer us within its rage or its quietude.  
These photos are for Jesse and Joel that live in Greewhichvillage and might be off work for they are not replying me back since last night.
Best of luck! 

This picture was taken from my balcony this morning: after the storm there must be a rainbow...

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